Hormones:the first step

2003-09-16 Version
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1.introduction 2.hormones that do not have much to do with the pituitary
  1. the border between inside and outside the body
  2. secretion
  3. target cells
  4. what hormones are
  5. Endocrine system and autonomous system
  6. Pituitary Gland
  7. Regulating the secretion of hormones/negative feedback
  8. Regulating the secretion of hormones/"Effect-orientated regulation" and "concentration-orientated regulation"
  9. Regulating the secretion of hormones/Examples of 'effect-orientated regulation' and 'concentration-orientated regulation'
  10. Hormones in one word
3.The posterior lobe pituitary hormones 4.The anterior lobe pituitary hormones/Group 1
  • oxytocin
  • vasopressin, ADH
  • thyroid hormone
  • adrenal cortex hormone
  • female hormone
  • male hormone
5.The anterior lobe pituitary hormones/Group 2 summary list of hormones
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