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Respiratory System

2004-02-17 Version
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"A report regarding the innovativeness of this material (2004-02-17 Version) is published online on J. Physiol. Med. Educ. 2004:paper 1. (http://jpme.jp)"
[Physiology:the first step / Respiratory System] Contributors
KOMORI,Manabu 6th year student, Showa Univ. School of Med (2003 schoolyear) Designed the web
MOCHIZUKI, Tomoni 3rd year student, Hanada College, Japan School of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Physiotherapy (2002 schoolyear) Created the illustrations and animation of the cardiac cycle
SHIBUYA, Masato Second Department of Physiol., Showa Univ, School of Med. Designed the layout of the material; designed the layout of the illustrations and animation, text writing
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